DevOps is a set of practices that works to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams, so they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

DevOps Consulting Services

Maximizing business value delivered by teams is what drives DevOps. Applying a tool or instilling a process in an organization is one thing, but to really experience it is something different. DevOps is the new ‘normal’… but in most cases, we encounter organizations that throw Devs and Ops together and tell them to “work together” and “take ownership of a product.” We saw this in organizations that started “doing Agile.” Unfortunately, DevOps is getting the same treatment because we all forget one essential aspect: people.

People, and the mindset they bring into the process, are critical to us. Self-improvement is just as important as the automation that enables team self-service to become super-fast.

Otomashen DevOps:

    • The DevOps Mindset
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Azure DevOps (VSTS) /TFS (implementations, TFS to
    • Azure DevOps (VSTS) migrations)
    • Support in building and maintaining Azure DevOps extensions
    • GitHub, GitHub Actions, Migrations to GitHub
    • Support in building and maintaining GitHub Actions
    • Continuous Delivery /
    • Continuous Integration
    • Site Reliability Engineering
    • Release Strategy
    • Engineering Team Scaling

DevOps Services for Faster Time to Market

Otomashen DevOps emphasizes collaboration, automation, integration, and communication, thus, ensuring agile delivery and removing bottlenecks in software development. DevOps focuses on associating the gap between the operations & development teams and quicker delivery of applications. As a result, ground-breaking solutions are empowered by reducing the time lost and swiftly bringing innovative competencies in the procurement of responses. As a DevOps consulting partner, we ensure close collaboration between the IT operations team and the software engineering teams. Our expert pool of consultants helps enhance your IT processes and trust in the software solution. As a skilled DevOps service provider, we focus on a management culture that enhances the entire software setup to complete collaboration, communication, and integration. Our DevOps consulting service manages infrastructure, procedures and tools, delivery and maintenance of software operations.

Our DevOps services ensure the on-boarding of applications by facilitating continuous integration and development and automating end-to-end delivery pipelines across several leading platforms. With our DevOps consulting, we help various enterprises to achieve higher efficiency, the better quality of software builds, and faster time. DevOps consulting services facilitate the provider’s journey to an organization. DevOps develops and collaboratively deploys software. Our DevOps consulting helps organizations align with the goals, producing high-quality software-based services.

  • DevOps Tool Stack Construction and Pilot Framework.
  • DevOps End-to-End Implementation
  • DevOps Managed Services
  • DevOps Assessment and Strategy Planning

DevOps Implementation Process

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