Security Testing Service Offerings
Otomashen offers a wide range of security tests, which can help your business test its products. Through both insider tests, outside tests and application tests, we can help your business prevent intrusion by detecting vulnerabilities in advance.

Otomashen Security Testing Service Offerings:

In today’s world of internet, information security is one of the prime concerns for all enterprise assets. End to End Security testing is conducted to identify potential vulnerabilities in their applications, products & Networks to safeguard critical data and business logic at the earliest.
With expert and certified security testers and architects on board, Otomashen has an exemplary proven track record in providing application and network security testing services to clients in Retail & E-Commerce, BFSI, Telecom, eLearning & Education, Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare & Life sciences, Transportation and Logistics and other sectors.

Key Security Testing Services provided by Otomashen include:

    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Compliance Management
    • Static, Dynamic and Interactive Application Security Testing
    • Mobile Application Security Testing
    • Security Code Review
    • Network Penetration Testing
    • Cloud Security Testing
    • Security process Consulting
    • Internal & External Network Security Assessment

Our Security Testing Portfolio Includes

We have been working with world’s leading Retail and eCommerce organizations to provide comprehensive end to end testing & QA services. Over the years, we have developed industry/domain specific solutions, tools and frameworks that address the criticality of the business processes and end to end testing requirements for the Retail and eCommerce industry.

  • Our focus areas are:
      • E- Commerce
      • Point of sale (POS)
      • Retail Merchandise
      • Inventory management

Few of the Security testing tools we use are

    • IBM AppScan
    • SQLMAP
    • Acunetix / Nessus
    • NMAP
    • SonarQube

Otomashen Differentiators:

  • Industry certified professionals (CISSP, C.E.H., CHFI, etc.) and Dedicated team of Security testing experts comprising architects, analysts and ethical hackers.
  • Proven proprietary Industry approved security testing methodologies & processes.
  • Follows industry best practices like OWASP, SANS, NIST, CERT and OSSTMM
  • Disciplined approach to address compliance requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO27001, etc.
  • Exhaustive end to end security assessment.
  • Vulnerability free application with an iterative strategy for further release.
  • Support both Static and Dynamic security analysis.
  • Superior quality compliance.
  • Exhaustive analysis of associated risks.

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