DWH/BI/ETL Testing Service Offerings
Data warehouse testing comprises ETL, BI, performance, and security testing types. Otomashen testing experts can validate your BI app’s proper functioning and the DWH performance, ensure the ETL processes work according to your business rules and corporate data stays secure.

DWH/BI/ETL Testing Service Offerings

Over 10 years in DWH/BI testing, Otomashen has developed skills and expertise to test complex DWI/BI applications. Otomashen’s s DWH/BI consulting services helps in delivering data architecture blueprints and implementing the road map in the below-mentioned areas.

  • Process & Architecture Assessments
  • DWH-BI Strategy & Architecture Framework
  • Data Governance


Our DWH/BI Testing Capabilities

Our DWH and BI testing service offerings include:

  • Validation Source/Target Testing
  • Application Upgrade Testing
  • Meta Data Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Data Transformation Testing
  • BI Dashboards Testing
  • Reports Testing
  • Performance and Stress Testing
  • Usability Testing

A few of the DWH/BI tools we use are

  • QuerySurge
  • Attunity Compose
  • biGENiUS
  • Informatica Data Validation
  • iCEDQ
  • ETL Validator
  • Selenium
  • QualiDI
  • Datagaps

We use a vast variety of databases for our data warehousing purposes, some of them are:

  • Oracle Database
  • SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Teradata
  • Sybase
  • Aster Data

Our experience on reporting tools are:

  • IBM Cognos
  • Microsoft BI
  • Qlikview
  • Tableau
  • Tibco Spotfire/Jasper
  • SAP BI
  • Micro Strategy
  • Oracle OBIEE

Otomashen Differentiators:

  • End-to-end service offerings for DW/ BI, including data validation, verification & testing of data transformation, metadata, reports, performance and security.
  • Support ETL validation, reconciliations, business rules validation, etc
  • In-depth technology and DWH/BI testing CoE expertise
  • Established strong partnership with QuerySurge, QualiDI, Data gaps ETL Validator,iCEDQ etc., for end-to-end automation of DW testing process.
  • Reduce the overall regression test cycle time using tools like QuerySurge, QualiDI, Selenium, QualiDI
  • Reduce the overall testing engagement Cost with automated ETL validations
  • End-to-end requirement traceability achieved right through source extraction to reports

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